Access to Excellence

Providing life-changing opportunities to children through our ESMS bursary programme

Access to Excellence was set up in 2007 to help children benefit from an ESMS education regardless of the financial capabilities of their parents.  The support is means-tested and is awarded to children from Primary 7 right through to Sixth Form. 

All pupils receiving funding have to satisfy the normal entry requirements of the schools and to show annually by their hard work and commitment that they deserve continuing support.  The Access to Excellence initiative is supported by the schools' Governing Council and is managed and led by the Development Office.  

Some of the fund's income is allocated to our Pupils Fund.  This provides means-tested grants that allow boys and girls to take part in recognised school activities beyond the classroom. 

We understand how important it is that our supporters know the impact that their generosity is having on the lives of young people.  That's why, if you join us as a benefactor, you can choose where to allocate your gift.  

Our Commitment to Your Support

When you join us as a supporter of Access to Excellence, we want you to be confident that your donation will have a tangible impact on the lives of young people.  That's why in our Business Case we clearly outline our commitment to managing our finances carefully and efficiently.  In our Impact Statement we explain how our transformational bursary programme operates and the steps we take to ensure that all our donations make a real difference.

Please, take a moment to read these statements.

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