Business & Career Networking

Like-minded members of the ESMS community meeting for mutual benefit

The Engage Business and Career Networking Programme brings together like-minded people connected to ESMS. We meet to share resources and expertise and to boost existing and potential business ventures and careers. Since 2009 the programme has helped young alumni to access work experience, mentoring opportunities and career guidance, as well as providing the opportunity to learn new skills through presentations made by members of our community. Parents wishing to consider new employment opportunities particularly enjoy Back to Work events.

We work closely with our schools' Careers Departments to identify members of the wider ESMS Community who are willing to provide advice and support to our senior pupils and younger alumni. We are devoting an increasing amount of time to provide mentoring opportunities to the benefit of both the provider and the recipient.  

Our Engage networking events in Edinburgh (soon to expand to London) are designed to provide a networking forum for pupils, younger alumni and more experienced members of the business community. 

For further information about the programme or to discuss any ideas you may have, please contact Suzi in the Development Office on 0131 311 1131 or 

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