Radio Producer Catriona Beck

Catriona Beck (MES 2011) is a radio producer for LBC, a talk radio station. Catriona, who now lives in London, tells us about her life since leaving ESMS, and what her school days meant to her.

What is your current role?

I work as a producer at LBC Radio. LBC is part of Global Media and Entertainment – the largest commercial radio company in Europe. As a producer, I start my day three to four hours before the radio programme I’m working on starts. I read the papers, have a chat with the presenter about content, and pitch stories to them. Once we've agreed on a plan for the show, I start to book guests to discuss the relevant subjects.

Next, I gather audio and speak to reporters about any relevant stories they're working on. Once the show is together, I go to the studio with the presenter (sometimes only five minutes before the show starts!) and work with the gallery team to make sure the show runs smoothly. In the gallery, I keep across breaking news, make sure the presenter has everything they need, and work with them to change the show’s content, if necessary. 

How did you get this position?

I studied Journalism at City, University of London. I secured a week’s work experience at LBC during my studies and then was asked if I wanted to stay and come back as a part-time assistant producer for the station. I did this alongside my studies and when I graduated, I became a full-time assistant producer, and was subsequently promoted to a producer.

What are your top achievements to date?

I’ve only been at LBC since March 2019, so to now be leading and editing a programme as a producer in two and a half years is a big achievement for me. Overseeing a national radio show is a big responsibility, so I see this as a big achievement too!

What are your fondest memories of ESMS?

My fondest memories of ESMS are my peers, as well as the variety of subjects and teaching, especially Languages and English. I went on a Biology trip to Malaysia in S5, which was a real highlight for me too.

Which two things did you learn at ESMS that you still value in your life today?

ESMS taught me to have ambition and drive. Both these things have allowed me to succeed in my career.

What advice can you give current pupils on planning their future?

When planning your future, always go with your gut feeling about what you want to do, rather than what you think you should be doing.

Which three words come to mind when you think of you days at ESMS?


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