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There are many ways you can help to change a child's life by supporting Access to Excellence. We are very grateful for every gift received.

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The simplest way to give is online, which you can do using our secure payments page using one of the links below.  

Regular gift by Direct Debit  


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Send a Cheque

If you would prefer to send a cheque, please make your cheque payable to Access to Excellence and send this together with your completed Giving Form (available to print here) to the following address:

Development Office
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Legacy Giving

Established by the legacies of our founders Mary Erskine and Daniel Stewart, throughout the history of our schools the generosity of individual members of our community has helped to secure the future of the schools and of the children they serve. A decision to leave a gift in your Will is an excellent way to show your commitment to our life-changing work. Legacies and bequests have always played a vital part in the ongoing work of the schools and continue to do so today, both through Access to Excellence and through the Melville College Trust which directly represents the interests of alumni of Melville Collge. 

There are three main kinds of legacy gifts you might like to consider:

  • Residuary Legacy - A share of your estate to be paid after any debts, funeral costs and cash gifts are paid
  • Pecuniary Legacy - A cash sum which can be index-linked to guarantee its future value
  • Specific Legacy – a particular item to be used or sold by the charity

Another type of legacy, often used to ensure surviving family are looked after, is the Reversionary Legacy, which allows you to leave assets to a named individual for their lifetime whilst deciding who should benefit after they have passed away.

Should you choose to leave a legacy, your solicitor should run through all the options with you when writing your will. 

Change a child's life by supporting Access to Excellence Give Now