Nour's Story

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I joined the ESMS Junior School in 2007. Having done a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between Egypt and the UK in previous years, I was very excited by the prospect that this could perhaps be the last time I would have to move schools, or rather countries. I was here for the long-run.

As I moved on to each academic year, I grew more familiar with the school routine, and genuinely enjoyed most subjects (Music never truly naturally came to me). Unfortunately, my father, who had worked hard to ensure my sister andI could benefit from private school education from our early years, passed away in a car accident in 2010. I was in S2 and my sister in S4 at the time. In addition to the monumental loss of a generous, wise, and charismatic father figure, my sister and I were distinctly aware of the possible impending upheaval from our previously stable lives at school or home. My mother had suddenly acquired the roles of both parents; forced to become an amalgamation of the provider, the emotional support, and all the rest.

The school bursary was offered at a time when my family could not be more thankful for it. I was extremely grateful that it sustained my school career for a further 4 years. I put sincere effort into each of my subjects, and took advantage of all the unmissable opportunities that school could offer; whether it was partaking in international European Youth Parliament sessions, the Germany/UK student exchange, Army Cadet Force camps, or continuing my singing lessons. Although I had a great appreciation for the languages (and loved that I could study Latin, or join the Ancient Greek club), it became clear to me that I had a passion for Maths and the Sciences. I set my sights on a career in Medicine, and my teachers and Careers Counsellor helped guide me towards my goal. I savoured every step of the way and have immense nostalgia looking back at all the fun and emotional moments I had throughout my time at school. I was given the ‘School Dux’ prize in my final prizegiving ceremony and could not be more proud to have my name engraved on the school walls; feeling as if I am a part of school, like its motto ‘mitis et fortis’ is a part of me.

Following school, I studied Medicine at the University of Aberdeen, graduating in 2019. I studied a part-time Masters in Surgical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, while working as a junior doctor, and graduated in 2022. I am currently a Core Surgical Trainee and look forward to my career in Surgery. I can say with all certainty that my successes at school, university, and current career are owed at least in part to the bursarial support that I received while at school. It is for this reason, I felt it only natural to donate to Access to Excellence following my graduation. I have first-hand experience of its impact.

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