Nathan's Story

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Nathan joined ESMS in S2 from a small school on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  He was a very sporty and hard-working boy, keen to learn with a supportive Mum who wanted him to have the best opportunities.  She knew that she could not possibly send him to ESMS, the school she believed would be perfect for him, without applying successfully for a transformative bursary.  She was successful, Nathan was enrolled and the rest is history.  

Nathan's academic journey will now continue at the University of Glasgow where he received an unconditional offer to study Economics and Politics.  

From my first day at ESMS, I knew it would be the environment that would allow me to thrive and exceed my own expectations.  I was aware of the financial implications and, if it were not for the Access to Excellence bursary, it would have been impossible for me to attend.

The academic benefits of being given such a fantastic opportunity have been immeasurable.  After achieveing five As at Higher, I became the first of my family to be accepted at University! This would not have been possible without the superb support and teaching provided at ESMS.

On the sports field I have had the honour of captaining the school 1st XV rugby side including, with support from the Pupils' Fund, taking part in the 1st XV tour to South Africa in 2017.  

In my final year at ESMS, I was fortunate to be chosen as Deputy Head Boy.  This was my proudest moment during my time at the school and is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

The impact of the financial support that my Mum and I have received has been life-changing and I would like to thank all the generous supporters of Access to Excellence who have personally helped to provide me with such a fantastic opportunity, an ESMS education.

The last word goes to Nathan's Mum:

"Nathan and I have no doubt whatever that without the very generous support we received through Access to Excellence he could not possibly have had the opportunities he has benefited from so much and which have changed his life forever.  We would like to thank all those who support Access to Excellence for your generosity and I would like to encourage others who have enjoyed the benefits of an education in the schools to do what I know Nathan would like to be able to do in the future, namely to make a donation to Access to Excellence which will help another young person like him."

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